Why does Moodle keep logging me and out?

There are three vectors where this problem can be coming from:
1. Your computer set up, 2. Your internet provider/connection 3. Your browser.

There are a few things you (or anyone) can try to help us get this resoved.

ad 1. Try logging in from a different computer. Please confirm that it’s the same on your laptop but you should try it from somebody else’s in case the problem is something running on all your computers.

ad 2. Try logging in from a different location: school, internet cafe, friend’s house (preferrably not on the same provider). Can you let me know exactly who your provider is? (Link to their page would be best).

ad 3. Try a different browser. Try Firefox if you’re using Internet Explorer (or vice versa). You can get Firefox for free on http://getfirefox.com (it’s a safer and faster browser anyway).

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